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Facing a disciplinary board complaint or board investigation can pose a significant risk to your accounting practice and profession in Athens, GA. If you have received a notice of complaint from the Georgia State Board of Accountancy or received a criminal charge such as a DUI in Athens, GA, one of the wisest courses of action you can take is to consult with an accounting license defense lawyer in Georgia. Working with an accounting license defense lawyer increases your chances of obtaining a settlement or probation. So, you don’t end up losing your CPA license for good.

Laws, Sanctions, and the Need for an Accounting License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

If you are a certified public accountant in Georgia, you cannot work legally without an updated CPA license. Operating in the same way as other professional licenses for nurses, dentists, and veterinarians, an accountant’s license needs updating and renewal after a certain period of time. The timeframe is usually at two years.

As a licensed CPA in Georgia, you are subject to certain responsibilities determined by the State of Georgia.

Whether you reside in Athens, GA or anywhere else in the state, you need to abide by these specific responsibilities, which include renewing your license prior to its expiration date; notifying the board for any changes in name, physical address, or e-mail address; keeping yourself updated on present state laws and board regulations; and notifying the licensing authority for any felony conviction on your part.

In the state of Georgia, the following offenses or violations are sufficient grounds for the non-approval, non-renewal, or complete revocation of an occupational or professional license:

  • Failure to possess the required qualifications or standards necessary for the approval or renewal of the license
  • Fraudulent or unethical business practices
  • Felony or crime conviction
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • State law violations
  • Lack of mental competence

The Many Ways That You Can Put Your Accounting License at Risk

There are a number of reasons why your license could be in great jeopardy. This includes gross negligence, inadvertent mistakes, or grave misconduct.

The specific scenarios for which you can suffer a possible CPA license disqualification or suspension are the following:

  • Engaging in deceitful efforts in order to obtain a license for the practice of accounting.
  • Failure to file for an income tax return in connection to the accounting practice.
  • Filing of a fraudulent or misrepresented tax income return.
  • Violating the rules for proper and ethical CPA conduct.
  • Failure to respond to a letter or notification from the disciplinary board.

Although a license suspension or revocation is often the result of violations relating to your accounting practice, you may also risk losing your CPA license due to non-accounting-related offenses.

Some of these offenses include traffic violations, such as a DUI charge, or a default in your payments for an existing student loan. It’s also possible for you to appear at a board disciplinary action. As a result, you could face license revocation, if you have defaulted on your child support payments.

In the state of Georgia, 60-day arrears in child support payments can result in the restriction or suspension of licenses.

Facing an allegation or complaint of misconduct or fraud will not be easy on your practice as a CPA.

To help you effectively deal with possible board disciplinary actions, such as license suspension, it is recommended that you work with a committed accounting license defense lawyer in Athens, GA.

Should Your Accounting License Defense Attorney Settle or Litigate?

When faced with a license suspension or revocation, your accounting license defense attorney will do everything possible to get a settlement.

This means that your accounting license defense lawyer will attempt to negotiate with the board. For example, presenting crucial evidence to absolve you from baseless accusations. Also, try to mitigate the effects of any board disciplinary action on the renewal or suspension of your accounting license.

Furthermore, cooperating with the board is a wise decision for anyone who is undergoing an investigation relating to his or her profession/occupation. A reliable accounting license defense attorney will most likely advise you notify the board of any update as necessary, to attend interviews and hearings, or to submit required documents on time.

Litigation, however, may be necessary if you are facing a completely baseless accusation or if false license issues have already begun to affect your profession or occupation in a negative light.

It is also important to remember that your license cannot be revoked or disqualified without sufficient evidence or due process. If there is sufficient proof of the manipulative processes involved in your license investigation, you may pursue further legal action along with your accounting license defense lawyer.

Your accounting license defense lawyer will engage in court action for your successful license defense in Athens, GA.

Your accounting license defense attorney should possess exceptional negotiation skills. They will pursue litigation when and where necessary.

Do You Really Need the Help of an Accounting License Defense Lawyer?

Unfortunately, not all accountants facing the risk of losing their licenses choose to work with an accounting license defense lawyer.

They consider the services of an accounting license defense attorney to be no more than a superfluity, an unnecessary expense during a most challenging time. Anyone with a license issue can face the board and submit the needed paperwork and other requirements on their own.

Doing away with the valuable legal help of an accounting license defense lawyer is not recommended. You certainly risk compromising chances at probation or a successful license re-application.

Enumerated below are just some of the many ways that an accounting license defense attorney can help:

  • Help you write a response to the board’s disciplinary notification.
  • Accompany you in state board hearings and interviews.
  • Speak on your behalf during investigations, if permissible.
  • Obtain relevant evidence against baseless accusations.
  • Craft a solid defense against allegations.
  • Cooperate and negotiate with the board.
  • Work for an appeal or possible settlement.

If you’re notified of an imminent or on-going investigation by the Georgia State Board of Accountancy, contact a lawyer immediately.

These investigations or disciplinary actions, if not subjected to a defense, may result in a CPA license suspension or revocation.

Speak with a dedicated accounting license defense lawyer from the very start.

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