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One of the most serious challenges to any professional nursing career is the risk of losing one’s license.  In Athens, GA, as well as in other parts of Georgia, a nurse’s license may be suspended or revoked due to a single, grave mistake. From falsifying patient records and exhibiting unprofessional conduct to other legal infractions such as a DUI, the grounds for license suspension or denial are varied and often valid.  In the event, however, that there is no strong ground for invalidating your license, you can work for an appeal or a settlement through the help of a nursing license defense lawyer.  And even if you are guilty of an innocent or inadvertent offense, you may still work on a defense with the help of your nursing license defense attorney. An important step to take is to find the legal representation in Athens, GA that you can fully trust.

Laws, Sanctions, and the Need for a Nursing License Defense Lawyer in Athens, GA

There are strict laws that govern the issuance and renewal of nursing licenses, as well as other occupational and professional licenses, in the state of Georgia.

Those who have a license will have up to two years before they can apply for a renewal. Respective state licensing boards issue licenses which supervise corresponding professions.

The board’s refusal to grant a license is because of any of the following violations:

  • Failure of the applicant to possess the required minimum standards for the license.
  • Deliberate or intentional instigation of, or participation, in fraud and other acts of deceit and manipulation.
  • Suspension of license by an authority other than the board.
  • Performance of unethical or immoral activities and practices.
  • Felony conviction
  • Etc.
Anyone who has done any of the legal offenses listed above may face the possibility of license denial. However, the suspension of a license cannot continue without due process. 

As a nurse, you may face false allegations that could place your whole career at risk.

To help facilitate your appeal and craft a solid defense against allegations, you need the reliable help of a nursing license defense attorney.

Reasons Why a Nursing License May be Suspended or Revoked in Athens, GA

Without a doubt, nurses are some of the most hardworking professionals anywhere in the world. However, certain activities — knowingly committed or otherwise — can easily jeopardize their license to continue working in the profession.

A nursing license defense lawyer may have had prior experience in handling license suspension due to the following infractions:

  • Unprofessional conduct, such as insubordination or sexual misconduct
  • Misrepresentation of patient records
  • Falsifying one’s own records
  • Falsification of nursing license
  • Drug use and abuse
  • Identity theft
  • Nursing probation violations
  • Patient abuse
  • Patient neglect

In addition to these offenses, which a nurse may have committed in his or her line of work, s/he may also risk license suspension or revocation due to other offenses. These offenses may include DUI (driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other impairing substance), defaulting on student loan payments, or evading child support responsibilities.

Whether you have been accused of nursing-related misconduct or charged with other violations, you need a nursing license defense attorney who can help.

What a Nursing License Defense Lawyer Can Do for You

Although some nurses who are dealing with board sanctions may choose to untangle their license issues without legal help, this is often a risky direction to take.

When faced with a challenge as serious as the possible loss of your professional license, you will benefit significantly from having the right nursing license defense lawyer with you.

A nursing license defense lawyer can help you in several ways, including the following:

  • Inform the board that you are defending your nursing license.

Having an attorney work on your case sends a strong message to the board that you are not backing down.

  • Present relevant evidence.

It is best to remember that no one can take your license without proper evidence and without due process. Your nursing license defense lawyer can help procure relevant evidence needed in proving your innocence or in mitigating your offenses.  

  • Negotiate for your nursing license probation.

Working single-handedly on your license defense, especially if you are facing a serious case, can be risky to your finances, reputation, and career. On the other hand, entrusting your case to a nursing license defense lawyer increases the chances that you face probation.

  • Represent you in investigations and hearings.

Your attorney can speak on your behalf during investigations, or s/he may accompany you during interviews and hearings. Having someone experienced and knowledgeable on state laws and licensing guidelines can ease your tension during investigations and board hearings.

  • Provide you with sound legal advice.

A nursing license defense lawyer will most likely understand how a state licensing board works and behaves. Your attorney, for example, may advise for you to cooperate with the licensing board.

Should Your Nursing License Defense Attorney Work for Litigation or a Settlement?

Depending on the nature of your case, you and your nursing license defense lawyer may work towards a court action.

There are certain circumstances that make either litigation or settlement more advantageous in your efforts at taking your license back. A trustworthy nursing license defense attorney will be able to decide on a better course of action.

Although a settlement can be a convenient resolution, it may not always prove to be the best option. This is especially the case if you have been the subject of a malicious act. If you are planning in seeking for damages through a state court, your nursing license defense lawyer will take action.

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