Should You Go To Trial or Accept a Plea Deal for a DUI Charge?

It is easy to ignore a DUI charge as a lesser criminal charge, but that can change very quickly if you do not get a handle on things as soon as possible. It is a serious case, and if you are arrested for it, you could get some very undesirable consequences.

However, if you are smart and hire an experienced DUI lawyer immediately you are taken into custody, you will have ample time to work on your case and get out without any sentence. It is not granted that you will end up going to trial after your arrest, there are other options that you should explore with the help of your DUI case attorney in Athens, Georgia, so as to ensure that you are doing what is best for you.

Should You Take a Plea Deal or Go To Trial on a DUI Charge?

Unless the DUI Charge is dropped almost immediately after your arrest, there are two options for you to think about with regards to your case. You can either accept a plea deal offered by the prosecution, or you can decide to try out your luck at trial for a full acquittal.

A plea deal requires that you plead guilty to the DUI charge, after which the prosecutor will ensure that you do not get the maximum punishment for your case. On the other hand, going to trial gives your DUI case attorney Athens, Georgia an actual chance to get acquitted of your charges.

Both of these options are suitable for anyone, so it all comes down to the merits of the case and what your lawyer advises you to do. If you end up having a public defender on your case, it is unlikely that he will advise you to go to trial since he will probably have tons of other cases to handle. It means that you will not be getting the best and that is why you should try as much as possible to get a private lawyer.

A private attorney will be a lot more dedicated to your case and will give you options from a neutral point because his interest will be to ensure that you do not end up in prison or heavily punished. If you do decide to go with the deal, DUI case attorney Athens, Georgia may help you by negotiating a better deal for you, and if you choose to go to trial, he will create a strong defense to get you an innocent verdict.

Why You Should Take a DUI Plea Bargain

  • You do not have to await trial. The long trial process, including delays, can be draining for anyone so a plea bargain may be a better deal for you. You will have to plead guilty to the charge, and you can get a much less punishment.
  • Known outcome. Unlike going to trial, you will be fully aware of the outcome of your deal. You will be guaranteed fewer consequences for your actions without much hassle.
  • You can get a dismissal. It is possible to have the case dismissed when you accept a plea deal, so you do not have to spend too much time on it.

Disadvantages of a DUI Plea Deal

  • The judge may disagree. The judge is not required by law to accept the recommendations by the prosecutor so you may still get heavy punishment considering that you already pled guilty.
  • You will have a record. Since you weren’t acquitted of the charges, you will still have a police record with a guilty plea which may not be so great for you.
  • The prosecutor may refuse negotiations. Usually, once you are offered the deal, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to get a lesser punishment. However, the prosecutor may refuse to bargain leaving you with a less than perfect deal.

Benefits of Moving to Trial for a DUI

  • You can get acquitted. If you go to trial with a solid game plan and a really good DUI case attorney Athens, Georgia, you stand a chance to have the case dropped due to lack of evidence or get an innocent verdict in the end.

Disadvantages of Going to Trial

  • Unpredictable outcome. No matter how good the defense you have, there is always a chance that you will be found guilty and given the maximum punishment.

The decision of whether you should or shouldn’t go to trial for DUI case is yours to make. However, you need to give your DUI case attorney in Athens, Georgia, a chance to build a strong defense for your case so that you get an innocent verdict. You can win the case even when it seems impossible all you need to do is to trust your attorney.


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