Georgia’s DUI Blood Testing Law

An arrest for a DUI can produce great anxiety and frustration. You may not know the laws associated with your DUI charges and what your rights are when arrested. Athens, GA  has an implied consent law. However, you do have some legal rights when it comes to accepting DUI blood testing.

Blood tests are administered at the request of a police officer. Officers may request them if you are unconscious. They may also have a reasonable suspicion that you have alcohol or drugs in your system. Drugs are not detectable by a breathalyzer, and DUI blood testing provides evidence that you have them in your body.

What is DUI Blood Testing in Athens, GA?

There are several laws under the implied consent regulation that determine your rights when it comes to DUI blood testing. A police officer must have a warrant to administer DUI blood testing in Athens, GA. They cannot, however, administer the test at the time of your arrest. They must have the DUI blood testing done at a certified lab located in the police department.

You agreed to the implied consent law at the time that you receive your driver’s license. You must, therefore, adhere to the DUI blood testing. However, you have a few other rights at this time. After receiving your DUI blood test through the police, you have a right to have independent DUI blood testing. This test happens at the facility of your choice at your own expense.

The benefit of having an independent blood test is your ability to use it in court to fight your DUI. The police officer administering your blood test must ask you and allow you to take an independent test. They must also provide you access to a phone book or the internet. This is so you can locate a blood testing facility within 50 miles of the police station.

The police must drive you to the independent DUI blood testing facility in Athens, GA. They must stop at an ATM to allow you to withdraw the funds you need to pay for the test. This will provide you with everything you need to get an independent blood test after a DUI arrest.

When requesting independent DUI blood testing, you also need to hire a DUI lawyer in Athens. They are the ones that will fight your case in court using your independent blood test results. These results can often differ from the police department’s results. They can help you win your case for a DUI charge.

Can a DUI Lawyer in Athens Help Me?

Having an Athens DUI attorney to help you with a DUI charge can mean lower penalties and reduced jail time. Your DUI lawyer in Athens can use your DUI blood testing results in court. They can prove you didn’t have the levels of alcohol or drugs that the police indicated with their blood test. This can prove critical to your DUI case.

Your Athens DUI attorney will represent you in court and provide you the information you need to understand your charges. You can receive reduced sentencing with a DUI lawyer in Athens on your side. They will fight for you. They will explain the legal process and can keep you out of jail.

If you are unsure if you should have independent DUI blood testing, speak to your Athens DUI attorney. They can advise you of the proper steps to take and help you fight a DUI case. Your DUI lawyer in Athens is there to counsel you and keep you out of jail.

Do not face a DUI charge alone. A DUI lawyer in Athens can help with your charges and help you navigate the complex court system. You will have the help you need. You will not have to worry about if you are completing the requirements set by the state for DUI charges.

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