Understanding BAC Levels in Georgia

Understanding BAC Levels Athens, GA

DUI arrests can come with some serious consequences in Athens, GA. You may not know what your legal rights are or what the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels are. It is illegal to drive when under the influence of alcohol. However, there are limits for your BAC that can help you avoid an arrest. These…

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Georgia’s DUI Blood Testing Law

DUI Blood Testing Athens, GA

An arrest for a DUI can produce great anxiety and frustration. You may not know the laws associated with your DUI charges and what your rights are when arrested. Athens, GA  has an implied consent law. However, you do have some legal rights when it comes to accepting DUI blood testing. Blood tests are administered…

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How is a DUI Going to Affect My License?

DUI license suspension attorney Athens GA

After being pulled over for a DUI, you will have many questions. If this is your first DUI, you are confused about the steps you should take or what is going to happen to you. While the criminal history is going to be a big deal, such as affecting future charges and even your employment…

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Should You Go To Trial or Accept a Plea Deal for a DUI Charge?

DUI charge lawyer Athens GA

It is easy to ignore a DUI charge as a lesser criminal charge, but that can change very quickly if you do not get a handle on things as soon as possible. It is a serious case, and if you are arrested for it, you could get some very undesirable consequences. However, if you are…

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